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    • Luka Le 07/05/2019
    Hello, could you contact me for my wedding I need a show I think about your performance, how to contact you? Greetings, Luka
    • Irene Le 22/04/2019
    When is your next show? I have missed the last Ohh! Lala! Cherie! Thank you in advance
    • Anja Zeitler Le 28/03/2019
    The show at Plaza was wonderful! Top notch! My son and I had an incredible time and thoroughly enjoyed it. I can't wait to see it again! The grace and captivating moves of Emma are mesmerizing! It can't get any better than this!
    • Alban Le 20/03/2019
    I've really enjoyed your fire show in Berlin last weekend, it was very impressive!
    • Credit A. Le 11/03/2019
    Merci d'avoir fait rêver nos clients lors de la conférence à St Moritz. Vous êtes unique ! Nous espérons travailler à nouveau avec vous prochainement, R.N.
    • Audélia Le 05/07/2018
    Merciiiiii..... Tu est merveilleuse.... Tu m'aide incroyablement !

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