Mylan, My Lan, [milane]

vietnamese name meaning "beautiful orchid"

Genève & Zürich




I created my own utopia, a world of beauty, poetry and enchantment. I want to convey to each audience member the joy of being and the urge to live life to the full.


My show is a hymn to life, an ode to femininity, and an artistic symphony. My characters are captivating creatures with extravagant costumes. My sets are places invoking childhood and nostalgia. My inspiration is that of a curious, dreamy young girl, who recognizes the beauty of the world.

I work with talented artists and create a new show every month, for which I feel very fortunate!

All things considered... What is a show? One gentleman criticized my work, emphasizing its superficial nature. My response was:" what are the primary needs of human beings, if not love, passion and poetry? That is why we live. "

The Adventures of Emma Mylan


2000  - Aged 14, it was love at first sight... Emma and the art of taming fire. Her performances were instinctive, but a professional performance requires patience


2003 - Aged 18, Emma, the artist, finds her new calling in producing and founding the pyrotechnic company "Nostra Sceïn".
Her goal is to develop the art of fire juggling with the creation of shows. She writes and directs the show "Katharsis", which finds home first at the Dalton Circus, and later, at the Exhibition Center of Nancy, followed by Metz and Charleville Mézières.


2007 - Emma founds the association Atomik Circus and the company Profusion. She conceives her first production of the Grand Magic Techno Circus at Paris's famed Zénith. Later in the year, she writes a second show: Firedolls, which combines femininity and fire arts with creations inspired by mangas, films and the retro aesthetic of Cabaret.


2008 - her innovative production concept allowed Emma with Cathy Guetta to present her creation at the Stade de France.


With Firedolls, Emma artistically matures and begins to study the portrayal of femininity in shows.
From the history of lingerie... to cabaret dancing... and even costume creation! Emma enriches her performances with these newly acquired skills and knowledge. She offers Juliette Dragon, a famed burlesque dancer, a spot to perform in a club. Juliette is the first burlesque artist she discovers and this encounter motivates her to persevere in the business of burlesque.


Avril 2008  - During a trip to Geneva, she meets the manager of the cabaret Palais Mascotte which was to have its grand opening soon after. She becomes the "mascot" of the venue, under the name Myako Mascotte and presents 3 daily reviews with weekly program changes. Artistic director and leading artist of this review she writes and directs more than 1000 shows in 2 years.


May 2009 - Emma creates the new burlesque revue Cabaret Coquin which features female artists inspired by stars of the Music-Hall genre from 1900s to 1960s.


2010 - Emma creates the company Secret Follies, the first burlesque dance troupe in French-speaking Switzerland.
She also founds the school Secret Follies with the motto "All women are beautiful when they love themselves"

She aims to teach the acceptance of oneself, ones body and the emancipation from society's current beauty norms through dance classes, burlesque stripping and photoshootings. Thanks to Secret Follies, more than 1000 women in and around Switzerland dared to go on stage for the first time accompanied by their teacher Emma Mylan.

2010 - Emma is discovered by Alfonso Siegrist, creative director of the Mascotte club in Zurich, who appoints her artistic director of the monthly review Ohh! Lala! Chérie! at the Plaza Klub. Emma's ambition is for global heights as she invites the most talented and reputable artists of the zeitgeist. The success of Ohh! Lala! Chérie! is due to her great determination and energy: "I do not just want to create shows, I want to create extraordinary moments!"

2012 - Emma travels to Vietnam and Thailand and discovers the island of Koh Lipe. In 2017, this will become her little corner of paradise, a place she travels to for peace and self-regeneration, far from the rhinestones and the glitter of performance.

2012 - Emma organizes the first Zürich Burlesque Festival at Plaza Klub.

2014 -

Emma is chosen to perform at Burlesque Hall of Fame in the Best Debut categorie.

Emma becomes artistic director of the Cabaret Lune Noire in Bern and, in 2016 of the Poupoupidou Revue in Geneva. She develops her team management and leadership skills. Her special skill is to identify talent and guide them to perform to the best of their abilities.

2016 - Every Wednesday morning, Emma hosts a radio chronicle on Yes FM entitled "All women are beautiful".

2017 - Emma begins to question herself. What does she really wish to convey? Until now, audiences raved about her shows, laughed, dreamed, and were inspired by them. Now however, she feels the need for a new ingredient: consciousness. She goes on a trip to Asia to get back to basics.
Returning from Bali, she creates the Geneva Flow Arts Festival, with yoga, meditation, music, fire dance, and harmony. She teaches Flow Dance and Poï Dance.

2017 - Emma allows her practice of the fire arts more time and creates a series of new solo acts. Fire dancing helps her reconnect with the elements, nature, and her energy.

2018 - While sailing the waters of the Andaman Sea, she practices snorkeling and diving and is reborn a mermaid. In Geneva, young and young at heart fulfill their dreams with Mermaid Geneva, Emma's latest creation.

2019 - How to elevate your Energy? is a workshop/conference in which Emma shares her life philosophy and the techniques she developed during her career.
Her shows and workshops are the instruments she uses to spread her message: Dare to be who you truly are, assert yourself, free yourself and love your life!

2019- After 10 years of hard work developing burlesque shows in Switzerland, Emma Mylan marks the consecration of her career with The European Queen of Burlesque ©.
The event is revolutionary: The Top 30 best Burlesque European Performers is gathered for 7 shows at the end of which " The European Queen of Burlesque" will be crowned.
To achieve this project, the Starlett Emma Mylan and her "burlesque daddy" Alfonso Siegrist join their talents, 10 years after their first meeting to revive the burlesque show at Mascotte, in tribute to the Folies Bergeres of 1939.


1939 First burlesque show Folies Bergères at Mascotte Zürich

2008 Emma Mylan debuts at Palais Mascotte Geneva

2010 Meeting of Emma Mylan and Alfonso Siegrist at Mascotte Zürich

2019 Burlesque returns home at Mascotte Zürich with The European Queen of Burlesque ©


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